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About Chozen Creativity

First created in 2012, owner Jerard Chapman had a vision to build a team of creative minds. The creative minds he envisioned would vary in skills; from illustration, animation, and photography, to film, painters, and tattoo artist, Jerard desired to build a team of unique, diverse, and talented artist!  Unsure of a detailed plan, Jerard decided to relocate to the east coast to develop, grow, and gain inspiration as an artist and an individual. While residing in the DMV area, Jerard faced experiences that changed his view on art, life, and relationships. He returned home to Denver with a vision to bring the many unique, diverse, and creative talents of Denver artist to one stage. The Chozen Art Shows were that stage, and since, they have grown in numbers and continue to offer different platforms to artist.


Creativity is everything and everything is creative. Artist create, and allow the eye of the beholder to interpret their own illusion.  


MLK City of Aurora Show:   1.16.2011

1st Chozen Art Show:            3.19.2011

2nd Chozen Art Show:          4.7.2012

3rd Chozen Art Show:           5.3.2013

AI Animation Partnership:  1.5.2014   

4th Chozen Art Show:           6.27.2014

TPHD Partner Show:             4.30.2016

My Cause My Cleats:    8.2018 - 3.2019


Exercising our different platforms, we intend to inspire creative minds in countless ways. We envision partnering with schools, churches, and communities to ensure dreams and creative aspirations are presented with opportunities to achieve.


With so many different artist of different backgrounds, we strive for uniqueness. Be inspired by others unique creativity. This digital stage is unique because it's diverse. The box has been removed for you to unleash your creativity!

Skills Include

 Mixed Media




​Film & Video

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 our use of imagination and creativity