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Since 2013, Chozen Creativity has partnered with The Art Institute of Colorado to become an accredited internship class. We have offered seasonal projects for interns to gain experience, build their respective portfolios, and learn how to work within team dynamics and deadlines. Each project has consisted of 5-10 animation interns in which they are given the option for character design, environment design, animation, or post production. Each department has a lead artist which supplies direction to that specific group of artist. We have also offered summer projects and classes for youth camps, and other programs. We enjoy speaking to youth and sharing knowledge with upcoming artists.  

Please note: The works below have all rights reserved and is solely for the purpose of display on behalf of Chozen Creativty, LLC Internship Program. All work is prohibited frOM advertising, sale, copying, sharing AND/OR DISTRIBUTion WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF CHOZEN CREATIVITY, LLC.   
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Storyboards: Concept Art

Character Design

Environment Design

Copyright © Chozen Creativity L.L.C.. All rights reserved.