Saturday, Aug 3rd 2019, WaMOS participated at the APS (Aurora Public Schools) Back 2 School Kick-Off.  We had previous shoes on display and the stories to go with them. Professional artists were available to speak with about their painting process and more information on our program was available.

We also held our first WaMOS Giveaway for a chance to win a swag backpack filled with art supplies and a Guiry's art store gift card. The backpack and its content are valued at $100!! Congrats to Mary and her family for winning!!

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With the current climate of our country, we wanted to create a foundation that artistically highlights the emotions of all walks of life battling different storms. 

What if we all took a moment to sincerely think about a problem another person maybe facing because the color of their skin, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs? 

Conversely, what if we celebrated how others beat cancer, alcoholism or became drug free?

What if you've been impacted by an illness and truly believe in research to help cure it? 

WaMOS desires to bring attention to all of these truths, pains, joys and experiences through art on footwear. Walk a Mile in Our Shoes Foundation is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 aspiring to partner with other foundations to help pursue cures and social change.

*Promotional Videos:      H.E.R.      Breaking Chains    Everyday Climbing Mountains

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Spring 2019: WFA (Women's Football Alliance) will be making their debut this year and we have 1 player interested in us creating a custom design highlighting women's rights and the "breaking of chains" for  women in sports.

Summer 2019: Bike for MS- Cyclist Brad Fortune allowed us to custom paint his cycling shoes. The design will highlight his journey, motivation, passion, and dedication in participating in this biking event to raise funds for researching cures for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) as his mother was diagnosed many years ago.

Fall 2019: H.E.R. "Healed Empowered Resilient"the journey of a motivated, independent, and strong woman that will go after her dreams, passions, and goals stopping at nothing.

Fall 2019: Warr;or custom design shoes bringing awareness to Mental Health. These were designed for a young woman that battles mental health and anxiety. These "I am a Warr;or" highlight that theme .

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*****WaMOS Partnering with Boys and girls club*****

​We are thrilled to announce that starting February 2020, WaMOS will officially launch their mentoring program with Boys and Girls Club. We will work with ten at-risk youth that meet the following criteria:

- Low Income Families

-Free or Reduced Lunch

- Victim of Trauma



Creative Empowerment Youth Camp learning about WaMOS